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How to maintain your Wooden Home Sauna

So you’ve become the envy of your friends, you’ve upgraded home as the go-to holiday stop with the family, and you’ve got your own personal relaxation handled with your new Home Sauna. Congratulations! You don’t want to lose any of those things, let alone the wooden sauna itself! So here are some quick and easy […]

Your backyard is probably missing Outdoor Sauna

Your backyard is missing something. Are looking for Outdoor Sauna probably? Whether it’s during the damp days of spring, or the rapidly chilling days of fall, but especially during those frigid winter months your backyard is missing something. Something to bring the family together, or to gather up friends in revelry; a sure fire way […]

Tents are out, camping pods are in

Let us set the scene for you. You’re in the middle of the British countryside, during Summer, on a camping trip with your family. Of course, it’s blowing a gale and you’re struggling to put the family-size tent up as your children sit wondering when they’re going to get to tuck into the supply of […]