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Worst Parties Ever?

We asked a few people what was the worst party they ever went to, and boy, were there some stories! Terrible childhood parties aside, we heard tales of a small gathering turning sour when over a hundred people turned up, someone’s parents’ bedroom being covered in silly string and coconut flakes (we didn’t ask…), someone finding their pet rabbit traumatised under the kitchen sink, and a rather strange story of one chap who woke up in a phone box down a deserted country lane…

Regardless, they all had one thing in common: poor planning. That’s why you should always plan, plan, and plan some more. Make sure you have enough food, enough drink, and make sure that everyone knows what to expect. Don’t be too casual when you get asked if people can bring a friend. That one friend might bring their friend, that friend might bring their cousin… You see where this is going. Also, ensure you’ve told everyone the time, the place, the date. Ask a few times casually beforehand, drop it into conversation, “I’m looking forward to next weekend aren’t you?”, then go from there. Asking people to RSVP too is a must. It’s rude if they say they’ll come then just don’t turn up.

You’ve took the time to plan the party and spend money on drinks and food, so people should be polite and let you know if they can make it.
You can make your party really go off with a bang with a hot tub. Yes, you read that right! Imagine the party atmosphere that would create! Made from beautiful and robust wood and other high class materials, our wooden hot tubs are amazing and really make you stand out when it comes to parties, so check us out and see if you fancy splashing out on one! Go on… You know you want to!

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Our Hot Tub Philosophy

Here on this UK blog we’ve discussed a whole range of topics, from the health benefits of hot tubs to the Finnish heritage of the sauna to the virtues of Western Red Cedar.

But we want to devote this post to us. We want to talk about what drives us, our philosophy of wooden hot tubs.

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You can indulge yourself without harming the environment in UK

In this day and age most people like to have a conscience when it comes to the environment in UK and the effect they have on it. We know that we only have a certain amount of resources on the planet and that by using certain types of fuels we are creating a hole in the ozone, warming up our planet and doing damage to it.

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Polypropylene wood fired hot tub internal heater

The Best Celebrity Homes

A man’s home is his castle, right? What if you were Oprah? Your home would literally be a castle. Her $90million home is built just like a castle, and is just breath-taking. Celebrities naturally have amazing and extravagant homes complete with moving walls (Britney Spears!), infinity pools (Justin Bieber), private gym (Beyoncé and Jay-Z) and just all sorts of extra things that we can only dream of. Matt Damon has a Miami home, so not his ‘every day home’ and it’s worth $20million. Rihanna has a 6,000 square ft. home costing $12million complete with spa and elevated pool deck. Jennifer Lopez lives in a stunning $18million home with seven fireplaces, heated marble floors and a library. John Travolta has his own two-mile-long runway for all his planes – imagine what he’s spent on all those aircraft; eye watering! Will Smith has a 25,000 square foot home and land combination incorporating a state of the art music studio, basketball court, meditation room and three golf courses. Eddie Murphy has a private bowling alley and cinema room. Shall we continue or…?

While we can’t wave a magic wand and make you into a millionaire, we can however give you a little slice of luxury with one of our hot tubs. Okay, so it’s not a sprawling infinity pool but it’s a start! Made from beautiful and strong spruce or larch, our hot tubs get better with age and are built according to traditional design. Our quality service is top notch experience make us the best choice for world class wooden hot tubs, so get in touch today if you’re longing for that little bit of luxury.

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Aesthetic upgrades for your hot tub

Once you’ve got your brand new hot tub, sitting beautifully in your garden, you might want to add some optional extras, just to make the most of your new purchase.

There are a range of aesthetic upgrades and accessories that you can choose to add to your new relaxation chamber. You can add one, all or none, but we think they make for excellent extras. Here are just some of the upgrades you can add to your new purchase.

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Don’t risk it – stay at home

Staggering statistics have shown that more than eight out of 10 public swimming pools, hot tubs and water park actually violate health codes and are a danger to the public. And actually, one in eight swimming pools were actually closed after inspections found them dirty and dangerous. These figures come from across the pond, over in the US, but you can bet if a UK study was done you could draw the same conclusions.

What’s even more disgusting is that there was actually the poop parasite, Cryptosporidium, found in some of the public facilities which can cause vomiting and diarrhoea. It really makes your skin crawl when you think about how dirty some of these places are. More than 84,000 inspections were carried out at almost 50,0000 separate facilities and 80% of those had at least one violation that needed to be addressed.

People go to these kinds of places to relax and have a good time; the least you would expect from the facilities would be that they were kept clean! But you’re not in control of this.

That’s why it makes sense to install your own pool, spa or hot tub in the privacy of your own home or garden. That way you won’t have to share with strangers, some of whom seem to have a loose idea of what cleanliness is. Plus, you’ll have total control of the cleaning process to ensure complete safety.

If you’re sick of sharing your downtime with other people, take a look at our range of saunas, wooden hot tubs and other relaxation pods!

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Garden Party Themes and Ideas!

Let’s not mess about. Let’s just admit that we’re all wondering when the sun will finally decide to make a sustained appearance so that we can get the piña colada on the go and the deck chairs out. Summer means (well, for us, anyway!) garden parties and with that brings all the fun of planning your theme and of course, actually having the party! The themes you could use are endless: tropical, complete with coconut drinks, pineapple motifs, bright zesty colours and patterns, fruit punch, you could even wear grass skirts and flowers in your hair. A secret garden party, while time consuming, is wonderful. Incorporate fruits and vegetables with herbs alongside flowers to really create an immersive experience for your guests. You could even send invites out with old keys attached!

An All American or British theme always goes down well, with chicken wings for an American theme and finger sandwiches for the British theme, flag bunting, themed music and flag print table cloths looks great. A Mexican theme is always great: use lots of fringing, get a piñata, dish up guacamole and tortillas, serve drinks with limes and lemons, and wear sombreros to really get the theme sizzling! An elegant theme would be one which utilises black and white crockery, adding simple clear crystal cut glasses and drinkware. You could also use colour schemes like white and green, which is perfect for summer, as well as zesty orange and white. A beach theme is gorgeous, especially if there’s a bit of a breeze that day. Pile shells onto the table on top of a blue and white striped table cloth, use wooden pegs to fix name cards to lollipop sticks so people know where they’re sitting, use lots of tea lights for when the sun goes down, and use red and white striped napkins to contrast the blue and white stripes.

There are lots of games and fun activities you can whip up to entertain your guests, but imagine if you had a gorgeous wooden hot tub? You’d be the party King (or Queen!) with one of those! Our wooden hot tubs turn any party into a big bash, and because it’s not a hired tub, once your guests have gone you can hop in in peace! Make this summer and beyond amazing with one of our wooden hot tubs, give us a call and get the ball rolling today.


Taking relaxation back to basics – cultural relaxation methods in UK

In this day and age in UK it can be so easy to get caught up in the stresses and distractions of everyday life. Work can be stressful and can take up the majority of your time and leave you feeling exhausted and burnt out. Home life can be just as challenging as you try to juggle your kids, family and work life. It can be really hard to get that balance right.

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Are Wooden Hot Tubs Safe for Children?

There have been several discussions online about whether hot tubs are safe children and the opinions are definitely divided. Some people think that children under the age of five shouldn’t be allowed to use a hot tub under any circumstance, some say as long as they’re supervised it’s perfectly fine. Some say as long as they are tall enough to keep their head above water it’s okay, some say it depends on the temperature of the water. There are many various thoughts given online in contribution to the debate, so we thought we’d wade in and get involved too, seeing as we’re a manufacturer of wooden hot tubs and all…

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People want hot tubs on their holidays

Holiday trends, like any kind of trend, tend to change, with different features falling in and out of fashion. For a while all-inclusive, 1-2 week holidays were the go-to trip away. It’s understandable; those resorts are absolutely beautiful, in scorching sunny climates, you often get waited on hand and foot and all your drinks and food are included in the initial price of your trip, meaning you don’t really have to worry about spends.

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