Hot Tub Locations

The World’s Most Beautiful Hot Tub Locations

Of course it’s nothing short of gorgeous when you have your own private hot tub or Jacuzzi in your own garden. Sometimes to choose Hot Tub Location is not an easy task. You can have some pretty fairy lights or other style of ambient lighting to make the mood, and you can have peace and quiet in the knowledge that it’s just you and your family relaxing in the water, no disruption.

That’s all well and good of course, but take a look at these stunning hot tub locations with built in or naturally occurring hot tubs, and prepare to pine for pastures green…

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Deluxe wood fired fiberglass round hot tub

All Year Round Hot Tubbing or Sauning! Why not?

When it’s super chilly out, even if it’s snowing, would you think about stripping down to your bikini and hopping into an outdoor wooden hot tub or home sauna? No? Why not?

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Royal Tubs-2161

The classiest kind of Wooden Hot Tubs

Despite them growing in popularity, many people are reluctant to place a wooden hot tub in their garden or outdoor space because they think they look a little tacky. And we get that here at Royal Tubs; some old style hot tubs can look a little tacky. Way back when they first started to appear in gardens, the first designs weren’t very appealing. Now, some people still have that image burned into their brains and haven’t actually seen how far the new designs have come.

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Garden Wooden Hot Tub

Is a Hot Tub a must-have garden accessory?

When you think of garden staples, what enters your mind? Do you picture cheery garden gnomes? A serene koi pond? A BBQ pit? Some colourful flower beds? It’s not surprising. All of these elements have become part and parcel of the British garden. However, there’s a new must-have garden accessory that is sweeping the nation, and that’s the garden wooden hot tub!

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Royal Tubs-2133

Wooden Hot Tubs and Their Benefits

Garden Wooden Hot Tub for your personal SPA

Imagine having your own beautiful SPA experience at home, whenever you wanted it. Backyard wooden hot tub or home outdoor personal sauna will make your home your own SPA resort.

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winter hot tub

Beating the Winter Blues – The 5 Most Effective Ways

Ever felt the drain that comes with going through the Winter season? For some reason, you just don’t feel 100% and tend to be less ambitious, more lazy. It happens to all of us to some degree or another as the crappy weather leaves us all feeling a little depressed, fatigued, even melancholy. The trick is to combat these feelings with activities and keeping your body busy/alert in the right ways. Read on for some more information on what YOU can start doing today to combat those pesky Winter blues!

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wood fired hot tub

What’s so great about wood-fired hot tubs?

Most of our wooden hot tub packages UK come with wood-fired stoves. Heating tubs with wood-fired stoves is an idea of Scandinavian extraction, which has now spread to the rest of the world and UK. In this post I want to talk about why we think wood-fired stoves are the best heating choice for wooden hot tubs.

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Royal Tubs UK products: hot tubs and saunas

Various Use of Royal Tub’s Products

Royal Tubs is the leader in wooden hot tubs in the UK. We provide an unparalleled source of relaxation and enjoyment by means of our experience, commitment to quality, and our sheer love and understanding of hot tubs. There is also a sense of tradition involved in “tubbing”, with their Japanese origin that dates back hundreds of years. We try to fuse tradition, comfort, and relaxation to provide the best customer experience possible.

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Benefits of the Company’s SPA Products

The products that we offer here at Royal Tubs are all great for relaxation and enjoyment of life in a traditional manner. It’s a means for enjoying quality time with family and friends as well as having some precious private time for oneself.

Every wooden hot tub is designed with extreme care, exceptional design, quality material, and your comfort in mind! The fact that the wood we use – either Larch or Spruce – are very calming and relaxing also helps.

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NEW fiberglass ofuro hot tub

Quality of the Products and Services of the Company

Relax and enjoy life and appreciate everything that you have. Just how do you do that in today’s hectic and turbulent world? By going back to simple and natural means, that’s how. In doing so, you’ll get to experience a traditional form of luxury that allows you to sit back and have the exact kind of relaxation and pleasure that you deserve. Royal Tubs will help you with all that through our wooden hot tubs and other products.

We take pride in being the number one hot tub specialists in the UK and we do it while remaining affordable for anyone who wants to enjoy their own wood fired hot tub. All of our clients expect only the best from us and we respond to that by coming up with great designs and using the finest grade wood available. Customers need only to select from our array of products, customise and then enjoy our customised delivery service. Read more