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Have Wasps and Hornets Near Your Hot Tub?

Learn How to Deal With Them!
There’s nothing better than owning a hot tub or pool, especially in summer. The only problem is that for most owners, this invites some unwanted and dangerous guests around the same time. Hornets, Wasps, and Yellow Jackets are problematic in that they tend to build their nests close to water sources and as autumn approaches, their aggression becomes wild. It’s obvious you can’t enjoy yourself with a potentially deadly group of stingers flying around your tub or pool but fear not! There are a number of things you can do to start fighting back and taking control of your pool/hot tub.

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The Woods for wooden SPA products We Use

To build a wooden hot tub that will stand the rest of time, you need wood of the best available quality.
The best wood for quality barrel hot tubs, home saunas and water tanks is either Larch or Spruce. “First grown” wood will offer the best longevity this valuable wood comes from trees that may have been growing for up to a thousand years.  This has given them a long time to establish the natural chemical extractives that protect the wood from decay. Sadly there are no “first grown” Larch or Spruce trees available anymore so we now rely on “second growth”. Unfortunately these trees are only likely to be around 60 years old and this has a significant impact on the level of extractives that make the wood decay resistant.

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