Wash away those winter blues

Wash away those winter blues

You can feel it in the air; its unfortunate but true: winter is on the way. All is not lost however, and we’ve got a soothing solution – wooden hot tubs ! A relaxing soak in a genuine wood fired hot tub!

While the season changes your garden is too; the leaves have turned, the flowers have gone, and soon a fine blanket of snow will cover all the former lush greenery. It’s going to get bleak out there, and certainly not a place to find any solace or relaxation! You can change that however with a genuine wood burning hot tub!

Our traditional wooden hot tubs are hand crafted and made from your choice of lovely spruce, or time tested larch wood; it’s the perfect accent piece your garden was missing no matter the season. Large family? That’s not a problem, our wood hot tubs can be customised to accommodate as few or as many people as possible.

Size isn’t everything you know; as such we are proud to offer many accessories to enhance your enjoyment while you relaxing in the soothing wood fired waters. Do you want to enjoy an equally hot beverage while you bask outside of winters chill? We can include a minibar with your hot tub. Perhaps you’d like some air bubble or a hydro massage system; we can incorporate those as well. We can even install some LED lighting for evening enjoyment!

With so many options available to you; we are positive that we can provide the perfect source for relaxation that meets your needs and available space. It will be your own little piece of paradise right in your own garden.

Your genuine wood fired hot tub is not only a beautiful and rustic centrepiece its also Eco-friendly. Unlike modern hot tubs that use chemicals to treat and clean the water; your wood fired hot tub does not. All you have to do is fill it with clean natural water and heat it up, then empty it out and give it a quick scrub down. So there’s no need to worry about harsh chemicals saturating your hair and skin and leaving those abrasive smells. You don’t have the extra expense either; so all thats left is the warmth and relaxation that you came for in the first place.

With all of these benefits and features most people would expect to pay an arm and a leg for such an addition to their home. However if you take one look you’ll see just how affordable this traditional piece of luxury is!

Any time year or occasion; your genuine wooden hot tub will be there and ready to provide you with the unrivalled pleasure of the soothing warmth of water combining the crisp smell of burning wood and will make you forget about the rapidly growing winter wonderland around you, and let you focus on pure relaxation.

You’ve waited long enough; now is the time to come on over to www.Royaltubs.co.uk and enjoy some age old traditional luxury: Today!

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To cure what ails you

To cure what ails you

Life has a habit of getting in the way, and not in the ‘too busy to get around to it’ sort of way. More so that it all builds up and overwhelms you to the tune of sore limbs, sickness and a tired and worn out mind. Your body just wants a break, and with everything going on in our day to day lives it’s hard to find a solution that can handle all of these woes and worries in one perfect and properly soothing way. You’ve got enough on your plate after all. Thankfully we’ve got a solution for you – wooden hot tub !

There are plenty of medical journals out there documenting all manner of exercise regimes to lower this and strengthen that; but in todays hustle and bustle, who’s got the time for most of those plans? A traditional wood fired hot tub can help on all of those fronts.

Perhaps you’re trying a new diet, and even if you’re not you can’t underestimate the benefits that increased blood flow could have. Maybe you’re diabetic, well regular use of a hot tub has proven to lessen blood sugar levels significantly!

Medical science aside, how about we deal with physics? Do you suffer for sore aching muscles and joints? Or maybe you’re more the athletic sort and routinely work out or push yourself to new heights daily. Once again the hot tub has a solution to those issues. Submerging yourself in water actually makes you lighter. Which in turn takes those stresses off your joints and muscles.

You don’t need to spend tons of money on the various deep-heating ointments and lotions that are out there to get the relief you’re seeking, you just need to slide into a soothing wood fired hot tub, and all those aches and pains will simply evaporate.

So we can see the benefits on our physical health easily enough, but what about our mental health? ‘Surely hot water can’t fix that too’ you think, well you’d be wrong! Alongside the health benefits of a wood hot tub, there are mental benefits as well.

Raising our body temperature and then lowering it starts telling our body to shut down and go to sleep. Anyone who has had a good hot shower knows the feeling. However the deep heat that comes from sitting in a wood hot tub for a while actually does much more in relieving insomnia! So for anyone who’s just wanted a good long sleep for once without all of those various medications this may well be your natural answer!

Regardless of the time of year, or the weather you can always ensure that you’ll have a relaxing and enjoyable soak in a wood fired hot tub!

So what are you waiting for? Check out our various sizes and styles of genuine wooden hot tubs, you’re sure to find a combination that beautifully accents your garden; with as many or as few additions that will bring you and yours lasting enjoyment and health for years to come!

Soothing Simplicity

Soothing Simplicity

In today’s fast paced and rapidly changing world; we all need a way to unwind after a long day. With advancements in technology and an ever competitive service industry there are likely now more than ever; innumerable ways to get that break we all need.

We can go to spas, resorts, salons and the like and spend top dollar on every imaginably luxury; because we deserve a break. Of coarse we do, but do we really need to go to such length just to get a relaxing break from the day to day? Can’t we just stay at home and get the same sense of peace and calm?

Yes,” Yes, we absolutely can.

We have long understood the stress relieving power of a good hot bath or shower; or just settling down next to a well stocked fire and taking in the warmth. We want you to do a bit of both and settle down into the steaming waters of one of our traditional wood burning hot tubs.

No matter what time of year, you can slide into the waters of wood fired hot tub and feel your days troubles fade away; wrapped in the soothing waters and accompanied by the smell and sound of a live fire next to you. The natural therapeutic smells of our spruce or larch wood constructions add to the known muscle and joint relaxation that being submerged in water bring on.

The deep tissue benefits of the throughly heated water help increase blood flow for those on new diets, and can even lower blood pressure making it ideal for those suffering form type-2 diabetes. Regular athletes can also benefit from after workout sessions in a wood fired hot tub, some sources holding to the immense anti-inflammatory benefits from hot tub use.

You don’t even need to have a large hot tub to accommodate friends and family; small two seater versions of our tubs are available for singular relaxation or more intimate bathing with your partner; and we still use the same traditional construction.

Our wooden hot tubs can be as large or as small as your needs require, as simple or as complex as you’d like as well. Highly customisable; your hot tub will fit all of your desires or needs. Need lights for easier use in the evenings? We can put those in for you. Do you need a hydro massage system to really work out those knots? Done! You tell us what you need, and we’ll make sure you have it.

When the days work is done and we finally find some time for ourselves, the choice on how to relax should be a simple one. We’re here to make sure that when it comes time to relax, you don’t have to worry about how much it’s going to cost, or where you have to go. You won’t have to leave home, you won’t need to pay someone else. It will be simply soothing.

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Better Living with Sauna or Hot Tub in Your Own Garden

Add Sauna or Wooden Hot Tub to your Garden

Your home is your castle. It’s your solitude, and your escape from: the tired commute, the over time shifts, or maybe even the kids sports practices, and recitals. It’s where you come to relax and unwind; this is especially true in the Garden. Enjoy the night air; or the afternoon sun; take some time for yourself in the peace and quiet. Nothing could be better… or could it? Here are two more options for your Garden that you need to consider.

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Garden Sauna – bring a SPA to your home

Why Garden Sauna could be better than Public SPA? Traveling however long into the city and then coming all the way home after a long tiring day at work just to visit a Public Sauna (SPA) really defeats the whole purpose, and doesn’t really bring much to your own relaxation at the end of the day. There has to be an easier way…

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Barrel wooden saunas

Why barrel saunas are so popular

The therapeutic benefits of taking some ‘you’ time in a quiet room clouded with steam(like barrel sauna) have long been known in the world. Spa industries thrive on offering seats in them to clients; and some are taking the option of building their own at their homes.

While there are many different types of saunas out there to consider; barrel saunas tend to lead the pack. Saunas are a great addition to any home, but why are these particular models so popular to people?

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How to maintain your Wooden Home Barrel Sauna

How to maintain your Wooden Home Sauna

So you’ve become the envy of your friends, you’ve upgraded home as the go-to holiday stop with the family, and you’ve got your own personal relaxation handled with your new Home Sauna. Congratulations! You don’t want to lose any of those things, let alone the wooden sauna itself! So here are some quick and easy Maintenance Tips to ensure that your Wooden Home Sauna will live on and continue to provide you with all of its benefits!
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Taking relaxation back to basics – cultural relaxation methods in UK

In this day and age in UK it can be so easy to get caught up in the stresses and distractions of everyday life. Work can be stressful and can take up the majority of your time and leave you feeling exhausted and burnt out. Home life can be just as challenging as you try to juggle your kids, family and work life. It can be really hard to get that balance right.

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Wooden Hot Tubs and Their Benefits

Garden Wooden Hot Tub for your personal SPA

Imagine having your own beautiful SPA experience at home, whenever you wanted it. Backyard wooden hot tub or home outdoor personal sauna will make your home your own SPA resort.

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winter hot tub

Beating the Winter Blues – The 5 Most Effective Ways

Ever felt the drain that comes with going through the Winter season? For some reason, you just don’t feel 100% and tend to be less ambitious, more lazy. It happens to all of us to some degree or another as the crappy weather leaves us all feeling a little depressed, fatigued, even melancholy. The trick is to combat these feelings with activities and keeping your body busy/alert in the right ways. Read on for some more information on what YOU can start doing today to combat those pesky Winter blues!

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