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Worst Parties Ever?

We asked a few people what was the worst party they ever went to, and boy, were there some stories! Terrible childhood parties aside, we heard tales of a small gathering turning sour when over a hundred people turned up, someone’s parents’ bedroom being covered in silly string and coconut flakes (we didn’t ask…), someone finding their pet rabbit traumatised under the kitchen sink, and a rather strange story of one chap who woke up in a phone box down a deserted country lane…

Regardless, they all had one thing in common: poor planning. That’s why you should always plan, plan, and plan some more. Make sure you have enough food, enough drink, and make sure that everyone knows what to expect. Don’t be too casual when you get asked if people can bring a friend. That one friend might bring their friend, that friend might bring their cousin… You see where this is going. Also, ensure you’ve told everyone the time, the place, the date. Ask a few times casually beforehand, drop it into conversation, “I’m looking forward to next weekend aren’t you?”, then go from there. Asking people to RSVP too is a must. It’s rude if they say they’ll come then just don’t turn up.

You’ve took the time to plan the party and spend money on drinks and food, so people should be polite and let you know if they can make it.
You can make your party really go off with a bang with a hot tub. Yes, you read that right! Imagine the party atmosphere that would create! Made from beautiful and robust wood and other high class materials, our wooden hot tubs are amazing and really make you stand out when it comes to parties, so check us out and see if you fancy splashing out on one! Go on… You know you want to!