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Worst Parties Ever?

We asked a few people what was the worst party they ever went to, and boy, were there some stories! Terrible childhood parties aside, we heard tales of a small gathering turning sour when over a hundred people turned up, someone’s parents’ bedroom being covered in silly string and coconut flakes (we didn’t ask…), someone […]

The Best Celebrity Homes

A man’s home is his castle, right? What if you were Oprah? Your home would literally be a castle. Her $90million home is built just like a castle, and is just breath-taking. Celebrities naturally have amazing and extravagant homes complete with moving walls (Britney Spears!), infinity pools (Justin Bieber), private gym (Beyoncé and Jay-Z) and […]

Aesthetic upgrades for your hot tub

Once you’ve got your brand new hot tub, sitting beautifully in your garden, you might want to add some optional extras, just to make the most of your new purchase. There are a range of aesthetic upgrades and accessories that you can choose to add to your new relaxation chamber. You can add one, all […]

Don’t risk it – stay at home

Staggering statistics have shown that more than eight out of 10 public swimming pools, hot tubs and water park actually violate health codes and are a danger to the public. And actually, one in eight swimming pools were actually closed after inspections found them dirty and dangerous. These figures come from across the pond, over […]

Garden Party Themes and Ideas!

Let’s not mess about. Let’s just admit that we’re all wondering when the sun will finally decide to make a sustained appearance so that we can get the piña colada on the go and the deck chairs out. Summer means (well, for us, anyway!) garden parties and with that brings all the fun of planning […]

Taking relaxation back to basics – cultural relaxation methods in UK

In this day and age in UK it can be so easy to get caught up in the stresses and distractions of everyday life. Work can be stressful and can take up the majority of your time and leave you feeling exhausted and burnt out. Home life can be just as challenging as you try […]