Top Quality Wooden Hot Tubs For Sale

We only choose the best raw ingredients, so that the final product honours the beautiful trees that go into their making.

Green Power

Be eco friendly! All our wooden hot tubs and barrel outdoor saunas have wood fired heaters. Choose the most cost efficient way to heat up your hot tub and home sauna.

Comfort & Beauty

All our products are created for your comfort and peace of mind. You can enjoy pleasures and health benefits that come with our products – wooden hot tubs and outdoor saunas.

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Wooden Hot Tubs and Saunas

Have you been too caught up with modern times that you forgot how to live? Have you been spending more time with smartphones rather than talking to loved ones? Don’t let life pass you by in a minute. Take some time to sit back, relax and give yourself a break. Royal Tubs offers traditional luxury that you can relish in the convenience of your own home, saving you time, money and resources.

Whether it’s a romantic dip, some quality time with the family, a spa trip with friends or a well-deserved afternoon treat for yourself, having your own Wooden Hot Tub (Wood Fired Hot Tub) or Garden Sauna allows you to enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures. This exercise not only cleanses your body, but your soul as well. Enjoy many of its great health benefits, and relieve yourself from the stress and pain of everyday living.

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Wooden hot tubs, saunas, camping pods, BBQ huts and many more!

We all know you want a private meditation area that you’ll feel comfortable in and will match the displays of your own home. That’s why we’re giving you the freedom to create products that would express your style. A few of our unique luxury features include LED lights, an air bubble system and even an attractive mini bar! It doesn’t get any better than that. Royal Tubs is happy to provide our customers with a natural and refreshing ambiance at its best.

Our raw, beautiful wood is guaranteed to last for decades, even becoming more beautiful as years pass by. Unlike a lot of our competitors, we design our products to capsule timeless memories of fun and relaxation. With almost no maintenance required, you can make the most out of your personal quality time at home. Don’t hesitate to talk with our accommodating customer service staff if you encounter any problems with your wooden hot tub. We’re ready to answer any questions that you may have.

Over 1000 satisfied customers!

Royal Tubs only provide our clients with best. If it’s not the best, then we won’t stop working. Our customers just love our products that they can’t stop talking about it. We pride ourselves in delivering 100% customer satisfaction along with the following assurance:

1) Exceptional Design Concepts

2) Carefully crafted from finest grade wood

3) Close inspection of each board and tub stave

4) Highest quality stainless steel used

5) Custom size available

Arrange your garden SPA in just three easy steps:

1) Choose from of our products -> SAUNA or HOT TUBS

2) Customise your choice

3) Contact us

What others say about us

Hey Andrew, well it has been a week since we’ve took delivery of the tub and we all have to say ‘wow, a very big well done’! What a quality and how quickly the water heats up it’s just amazing.
From choosing the right wood stove hot tub for us to the very last step of delivery by your professional staff, it was, in our opinion, second to none.
Anybody considering a wooden hot tub, should look no further. Real ‘Royal Tubs’

Ruth AndersonDevon

Just wanted to say a big thank you for our truly amazing wood burning hot tub you’ve delivered a month ago. As a family, we thoroughly enjoy a new experience in our garden and it’s a great entertainment to our friends when they’re around.

Tim SummersHertfordshire

We are very happy with our fiberglass log fired hot tub and impressive service we received from Royal Tubs. We will be recommending your company to our relatives and friends. Many thanks.

Matt ConnorScotland

you definitely know your business and products, you know what we were looking for and you made it just like we wanted and even exceeded our expectations!

Samantha SaundersonYork

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The Royal Tubs Guarantee

Our service starts the moment you pick up that phone and ask. If you put your trust in Royal Wooden Hot Tubs, we promise to live up to your expectations, just as we have for all of our clients over the past years.

There’s nothing better than having a warm, healthy environment that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Let us help you create that connection with our excellent wooden hot tubs.
Talk to us now at 0845 9011 440.

About Us

Royal Tubs has been supplying the finest quality wooden hot tubs, BBQ huts, saunas and other leisure products for over a decade. Unlike a lot of other suppliers, we don’t just care about selling our wood fueled hot tubs. We want you to have a place where you can forget about your everyday worries; a place just for you to relax and enjoy a little me time. Our products are designed with comfort, style, durability and luxury in mind.

The wood powered hot tubs won’t just relax you; they also have the power to heal. Like aromatherapists, we use Spruce and Larch materials to build our tubs which are known for their healing and calming effects.

To us each and every customer is a priority. We will never offer a standard, churned out service. We don’t need a hard sales pitch. Our passion, commitment, reputation and high quality products have helped us to become one of the market leaders.


  • Crafted with love

    With focus and dedication comes excellence, and here at Royal Tubs we are concerned with one thing only – QUALITY! .

  • Experience comes with time

    Our team of craftsmen have over 15 years of experience in what we do. It will not disappoint you!

  • No ‘hard sell’ strategy

    We will inform and educate you so that you can make your own decision. We keep things simple and we do not hire sales managers.

  • Market Leaders

    We are the market leaders because our customers and our products have put us there.

Unplug from the Modern with Royal Hot Tubs

With mobile technology and smart technology rampantly taking over every aspect of our lives these days, and the daily grind seeming to take over even more than that; it’s hard to find time for ourselves let alone for our families and friends.  The solution is to bring in a wooden hot tub from Royal Hot Tubs. It won’t just help you relax while you’re in it, but it will be a rustic and traditional addition to your backyard aesthetics for years to come!
In a world that has, over the past four or five decades, become dominated by flat-pack furniture and plastics that don’t stand the test of time, people are increasingly beginning to appreciate the quality of genuine craftsmanship. Indeed, the cold winters of late have spelled the end for many a plastic tub, as these are prone to cracking during extreme and changeable weather conditions. A wood heated wooden hot tub that is built to last, using only the highest quality materials and most able hands, is an investment not only in relaxation, but in time and quality of life.
A gorgeous wood fired hot tub is just the thing you need to bring the family together and relax after a long day or week, and bringing it into your own backyard makes the whole thing more personal as well as relaxing. You can upgrade the aesthetic of your yard and home, and increase the quality time you spend with you and yours at the same time. Soon the sounds of crackling wood fires, and the smell of spruce or larch will be associated with the warmth and enjoyment of family and friends for years to come.
Whatever your hot tub needs we will be sure to design you a wooden hot tub that will be exactly what you envision, each with the promise that you will get the utmost quality in your design, crafted to your desires, not mass produced and churned out like so many other companies these days. We’ve been at this for over a decade now, and we aim to keep satisfying our clients the same way we always have with Dedication, Quality, and Experience.
We at Royal Hot Tubs don’t just specialise in wooden hot tubs, and wood fired saunas, we also lovingly hand craft camping pods, BBQ Huts, and other amazing products. All with the same quality guarantee, and knowledge that you will enjoy the time you spend using them on your own or with family and friends; because if there’s one thing we could all use more of in life, it’s time with those we want close to us. Our aim is to make sure you have time to unplug and unwind; and can create memories that will last a lifetime, just like our products!
1000’s have already discovered our products, and now it’s your turn; contact us soon so we can see how we can help you stress less, and enjoy more!
We are Royal Hot Tubs: Traditional Luxury, Affordable for Everyone!

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