Outdoor Garden Sauna

Here at Royal Tubs, we use years of our experience to provide you with affordable and long lasting Outdoor Garden Saunas! No matter your budget we know that we can take your dreams of a home accent and make sure you end up with exactly what you need to bring it all together! Just like our wooden hot tubs, our Outdoor Garden Wooden Saunas offer not only wonderful moments or relaxation but proven medical and health benefits to their users as well!

No matter which type of Sauna you chose they all come equipped with the highest quality wood fired or electrical Finnish Harvia heaters; after all anything worth doing; is worth doing right! Just as we do with our hot tubs, our outdoor garden saunas come direct to suit your needs for sizing as well

If you want a classic Outdoor Barrel Sauna complete with LED lightning and interior changing room; we can build one for you! Steeple roof, shingles and beautiful artesian window; we can do that too! Is space lacking in your garden? We can make and offer a vertical sauna to fit almost anywhere!

If none of those options interest you; then we also have something really special; our square saunas not only look magnificent, but they are more specious and can accommodate up to six people, making it the perfect option for large families and merry parties; or even those who love to entertain guests! We can even up the size on these models to a whopping 5.5m meaning more room AND more fun!

Our Wooden Outdoor Saunas are greatly customizable; from electric lighting, shower rooms, exterior heating models, and wood treatments. Our saunas really are as diverse as our client’s needs! If you don’t like oak, we can do the entire thing in Larch for you too!

If you only want a small sauna and are wondering how to make your investment make money for you, take some time to consider a mobile wooden sauna! Our same great construction made mobile for all of your seasonal events, spread the relaxing and revitalizing health benefits of your wooden sauna with your community!

While customization is a great thing; many think that just because we have all of these options available it will somehow make it just that much more out of reach; that’s just not true! You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get yourself into your own Outdoor Sauna!

So don’t wait any longer; contact us today and start making your home Sauna dreams a reality.