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To cure what ails you

To cure what ails you

Life has a habit of getting in the way, and not in the ‘too busy to get around to it’ sort of way. More so that it all builds up and overwhelms you to the tune of sore limbs, sickness and a tired and worn out mind. Your body just wants a break, and with everything going on in our day to day lives it’s hard to find a solution that can handle all of these woes and worries in one perfect and properly soothing way. You’ve got enough on your plate after all. Thankfully we’ve got a solution for you – wooden hot tub !

There are plenty of medical journals out there documenting all manner of exercise regimes to lower this and strengthen that; but in todays hustle and bustle, who’s got the time for most of those plans? A traditional wood fired hot tub can help on all of those fronts.

Perhaps you’re trying a new diet, and even if you’re not you can’t underestimate the benefits that increased blood flow could have. Maybe you’re diabetic, well regular use of a hot tub has proven to lessen blood sugar levels significantly!

Medical science aside, how about we deal with physics? Do you suffer for sore aching muscles and joints? Or maybe you’re more the athletic sort and routinely work out or push yourself to new heights daily. Once again the hot tub has a solution to those issues. Submerging yourself in water actually makes you lighter. Which in turn takes those stresses off your joints and muscles.

You don’t need to spend tons of money on the various deep-heating ointments and lotions that are out there to get the relief you’re seeking, you just need to slide into a soothing wood fired hot tub, and all those aches and pains will simply evaporate.

So we can see the benefits on our physical health easily enough, but what about our mental health? ‘Surely hot water can’t fix that too’ you think, well you’d be wrong! Alongside the health benefits of a wood hot tub, there are mental benefits as well.

Raising our body temperature and then lowering it starts telling our body to shut down and go to sleep. Anyone who has had a good hot shower knows the feeling. However the deep heat that comes from sitting in a wood hot tub for a while actually does much more in relieving insomnia! So for anyone who’s just wanted a good long sleep for once without all of those various medications this may well be your natural answer!

Regardless of the time of year, or the weather you can always ensure that you’ll have a relaxing and enjoyable soak in a wood fired hot tub!

So what are you waiting for? Check out our various sizes and styles of genuine wooden hot tubs, you’re sure to find a combination that beautifully accents your garden; with as many or as few additions that will bring you and yours lasting enjoyment and health for years to come!

Hand Crafted Luxury

Hand Crafted Luxury

You’ve decided to treat yourself, you deserve it after all! You’re getting a new wood hot tub for your garden, and you can already feel the relaxing warmth of the wood fired hot tub waters melting your troubles away. Before you can do that however; you’ve got a few more decisions to make, all on behalf of your enjoyment of course!

Our traditional wooden hot tubs come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials; each one having its own benefits and aesthetics, the choices of which are wide open for your preference and needs.

How many people do you want to accommodate? Our hot tubs can be as small and simple as a two seater for yourself and your partner to large and spacious enough for up to a dozen friends and family members to enjoy!

The craftsmanship of our wood fired hot tubs aims to provide you with a piece of rustic beauty for your home, as such we offer out hot tubs in either stunning spruce, accented with matching steps and base foundation; or even more luxurious larch wood with it’s revitalising properties released upon it’s heating.

The interior of your wood hot tub can remain just that; wood. However if you’re the busy sort who may not have as much time as needed for maintenance on a wooden tub; we do offer modern interiors to provide the same luxurious experience while still providing ample ease of use and care. You substitute the wood interiors for a polypropylene fitting which requires less maintenance, or a fibreglass interior; we even offer a stainless steel interior to really stand the test of time. All of these options of coarse still come with the luscious and evocative wooden outside in keeping with the traditional idea of the hot tub.

So now you’ve picked a size that you need, as well as construction, but it doesn’t end there. Your wooden hot tub has many other options available to you. To increase the traditional rustic feeling of your new hot tub; you could choose to include wooden tops to seal in that heat, along with a wooden paddle to stir that warmth around. Or perhaps you’d like to add an air puddle system or a hydro massage system to your tub. These can all be added to your new wooden hot tub experience to make it everything you want it to be and more.

The sky is the limit when it comes to your enjoyment; imagine. Sitting out under the stars, the crackle of logs burning beside you; the crisp smell of burning wood mixing with the aroma of larch in the air. Your wood fired hot tub eases the tension in your muscles after a long day as the massage system works out the kinks. All thats left for you to do is sit back and relax; this is your own personal vacation, right in your own garden.

This is Royal Tubs.

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affordable wooden hot tub

Affordable Luxury

Affordable Luxury

A trip to a spa these days can set you back significantly, and that’s just for one trip! Sure it was ‘worth’ it you tell yourself, but why go to all that trouble to plan it out, book the day or two and then al that travelling when you can have the same pampering experience right in your own home and in your own wooden hot tub?

That’s where we come in!

We want to give you a little piece of luxury pampering without spending all that money and time, we want you to stay where you’re most comfortable because that’s how you’re really going to relax! We’re also going to make sure you do it with style!

We can build you a traditional wooden hot tub, where you can soak and relax in the warm waters heated by a true wood burning stove either internally or externally installed. Enjoying the rustic scent of burning wood with a soothing bathing experience.

That’s not all though, we can also provide genuine wooden saunas as well; the look of the traditional barrel sauna brings its own sense of luxury and class; thats even before you step inside and feel your aches and tightened muscles fade away under the surrounding heat. It really is like having a professional spa right at your own home!

Built to your own specifications we can allocate enough size and style to beautifully accent your garden in whatever fashion you require. Our traditional construction styles utilise the beauty of spruce and its natural therapeutic qualities to enhance an already enjoyable experience. Or perhaps you’d prefer larch wood letting it leave the aromatic benefits to seep out during use. We even offer a variety of interiors to our hot tubs, in case you don’t want the regular maintenance that wood requires, why not switch to polypropylene or fibreglass? The choice is yours.

Our wood fired spas and saunas are green as well; and don’t require the continued use of abrasive and offensive chemicals all the time to keep them clean. Not only is this a cleaner experience but it’s also saving you significant money on chemicals.

Just as you can customise the size of your new wood fired sauna or hot tub you can also add a wide array of extras to increase the enjoyment of your experience. LED lighting can be added to allow for more enjoyment and relaxation at night. Minibars can be added to accommodate a few beverages along with your soak when company is around. Accent pieces around the lid of your hot tub can really draw the eye and make the piece stand out more; as can glass walls or windows for your sauna.

The possibilities are just as varied and unique as you are, and the end goal is always your enjoyment. The relaxation and pampering of the Spa is no longer something you have to go away for; we’re bringing the spa home to you! Rest and relaxation, right in your own home, with a price that seem like luxury, but a feeling that does!

garden wooden hot tub

Get a permanent summer in your garden with wooden hot tub

What in UK is this weather? It’s almost as though the Universe doesn’t know that it’s June! It is June though, and while it’s currently very wet, very grey, and very miserable you don’t have to sit indoors like Glum Gail and Glum Gary in UK. Our wooden hot tubs can be used in the harshest of weather conditions, and before you think we’ve lost our minds, hear us out.

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Thermowood lid.

Is the Hydro Hammock the next step in hot tub evolution?

We know that our hot tubs are incredibly comfortable, relaxing and can transport you to cloud nine but we’ve just seen a new kind of hot tub that might be the comfiest thing ever!

What do you think of when you imagine a hammock? Hot summer days? Lounging in the garden? Reading a book? Finding some shade under a tree? Those are all things we usually associate with hammocks, but what about adding water to it?

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Bubbling Massage Wooden Hot Tub

Installing an at-home masseuse – hot tub to relax

Anyone who has experienced a massage will know how therapeutic, relaxing and rejuvenating it can be; both during and after treatment. It’s a great feeling and to be honest, you can get a little bit addicted. However, it’s not always convenient to book in for a massage; life gets in the way and spas are only open between certain times of the day.

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Polypropylene wood fired hot tub internal heater

Our Hot Tub Philosophy

Here on this UK blog we’ve discussed a whole range of topics, from the health benefits of hot tubs to the Finnish heritage of the sauna to the virtues of Western Red Cedar.

But we want to devote this post to us. We want to talk about what drives us, our philosophy of wooden hot tubs.

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Deluxe wood fired fiberglass round hot tub

You can indulge yourself without harming the environment in UK

In this day and age most people like to have a conscience when it comes to the environment in UK and the effect they have on it. We know that we only have a certain amount of resources on the planet and that by using certain types of fuels we are creating a hole in the ozone, warming up our planet and doing damage to it.

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Taking relaxation back to basics – cultural relaxation methods in UK

In this day and age in UK it can be so easy to get caught up in the stresses and distractions of everyday life. Work can be stressful and can take up the majority of your time and leave you feeling exhausted and burnt out. Home life can be just as challenging as you try to juggle your kids, family and work life. It can be really hard to get that balance right.

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winter hot tub

People want hot tubs on their holidays

Holiday trends, like any kind of trend, tend to change, with different features falling in and out of fashion. For a while all-inclusive, 1-2 week holidays were the go-to trip away. It’s understandable; those resorts are absolutely beautiful, in scorching sunny climates, you often get waited on hand and foot and all your drinks and food are included in the initial price of your trip, meaning you don’t really have to worry about spends.

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